Thursday, 31 December 2015

Celebrating 70 years of Peace - Concert & Exhibition

Robert Dryden, Mayor of Cambridge

During 2015, we have been marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War – and especially focussing on, and celebrating, 70 years of peace in Europe.

The graphic pictures we are shown brings home to each and every one of us the absolute horror of war and incites us to strive for world peace.

Cambridge is a diverse city where people of all nationalities and faiths live, work and socialise together. We are a wonderful example of cultural harmony where we learn from each other and have the opportunity to share in each other’s traditions and celebrations. The world is now a much smaller place in terms of instant communication and the ability for fast travel. How much easier it is then to work in partnership and to strive for international co-operation.

The peace we have enjoyed for the past seven decades is a very real cause for celebration, and I am grateful to the Kaetsu Centre for arranging this concert and exhibition to mark the 70th anniversary of peace.






2015年9月4日 ケンブリッジ市長 ロバート・ドライデン

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